fishing gopher by Maria Letta:, and pier background by Pier Vectors by Vecteezy

When we are writing code, we’re likely to deal with the same problems and challenges repeatedly. One of these challenges we are all facing from time to time is interacting with an external service. It may seem like a trivial issue, but even simple needs deserve a consistent solution. As programmers, we like familiar patterns that make it easy for us to write code, and more significantly, make our code open to changes and easier to read. …

The small gopher is from the excellent free library by Maria Letta:

Interfaces are the way for you to describe abstract behaviour, but what makes Go Interfaces so great? Well, it’s probably the first thing you learn about them, that they are implemented implicitly. You don’t need to explicitly specify about a type which interface it implements. This makes dependancy injection super easy in Go, leaving your code decoupled. You are defining the behaviour you need, and not what you do. Your type could implement more and more interfaces, without ever changing your code!

But when an interface depends on another one, you encounter a type dependancy, and not a behaviour one…

Oren Rose

I’m a senior back-end developer at MinuteMedia, Golang enthusiastic and clean architecture fanboy.

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